Solemar Creative does branding for online entrepreneurs and digital nomads and people who want to work and travel

I'm Shaina!

I'm a tech-savvy, creative, organized designer and strategist with perfectionist-tendencies.

Freedom to globetrot, design my days, and organize my life on my terms has always been something I've yearned for.

When I realized that I could combine this desire with my passion for design and writing, I had a light bulb moment.

Why not start my own business, specifically for people like me?

  • The people who aren't content to stay at one desk forever and value internationalism.

  • The people who understand that the best way to make money is by doing a job that doesn't feel like work.

  • The people who want to create their own dream lives and know that working for yourself is the secret to do this.

When working with me, your goals become my goals, your successes become my succcesses. I want to help you create the business of your dreams so you can feel excited to live life on you own terms - wherever that may be!  

Helping my clients achieve their dream lives puts a smile on my face everyday. I want to help you create a and website and a digital marketing strategy that showcases the authentic YOU and will speak volumes to your ideal clients.